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About the scents:

Sweetgrass: They say Sweetgrass is the hair of Mother Earth, and so we braid it and dry it; Nehiyawak believe that the Smoke that arises from this smudge takes our prayers and intentions to the Creator, and ensures that protocol is taken as the smudge carries the prayers up to the sky.


Sweet Tobacco: (Sweet) Tobacco is said to be the first plant that grew on Earth during the Story of Creation; Tobacco is a sacred medicine plant to all Indigenous Cultures. Tobacco is believed to be a gateway or a bridge between the Earth and Spirit realms. Historically if tobacco is offered and accepted, then there is a sacred promise sealed. It acts like a  commitment made by people and supported by the Spirit World.

Sage: They say that Sage is the Buffalo Grass that sustains the Buffalo Spirit and  it is a cleansing smudge which can be used directly on skin to cleanse the outer body and burned to cleanse any negativity in the air, this smudge is a woman’s medicine.

Cedar: Cedar holds the medicine to purify and return balance in life. The smoke of  burning cedar is said to attract the good spirits and eliminate negative energies, Cedar is used to heighten positive energy, to uplift feelings and evoke positive emotions.

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