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Beef Stew

Dinner For Two? Or Lunch For 100! We’ve Got You Covered!

All Entrées available with a choice of fried or baked bannock


Beef Stew & Bannock   
Bison Stew & Bannock

Hamburger Soup & Bannock

Chicken Soup & Bannock 

Bannock Sandwiches with Soup 

Wild Rice Cabbage Rolls  (2)

Pan Fried with Wild Rice and Vegetables

Light Lunch

Bannock Buns 

      Plain Dozen 

      Flavoured Dozen 

      Bacon & Cheese 

      Asparagus & Cheese 

      Saskatoon Berry 


Homemade Jam

Bannock Dogs 

Bannock Pops - Pepperoni, Mushroom & Cheese

Bannock Pops - Bison, Mushroom & Cheese 

Cinnamon Buns 

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